Broad Street

Located in the heart of Birmingham, Broad Street is the main artery of its area, renowned for it’s abundance of businesses, night life and intense activity altogether.Its history starts as early as mid 18th century, when it was solely a country path without even a name. In present times, it is one of the busiest streets in Birmingham.

 A place of historical value on Broad Street is Centenary Square, which owes its name to the celebration in 1989 of 1000 years from the day Birmingham was officially given the city status. The square is adorned with many modern sculptures. There also stands a monument, the  Memory Hall, erected in the remembrance of Birmingham citizens  who perished during World War I. Another attraction comprised by the Centenary square is the impressive Baskerville House, a former civic building and now occupied by offices, but imposing due to its size and exterior. Also based on the square is the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, also referred to as The Rep.  Further down Broad Street stands another historically significant building, the Birmingham Municipal Bank, the only one of its kind in 1916 England, which is now owned by the council. Another important venue is the International Convention centre, which hosts over 400 conventions and meetings each year. Examples of contemporary architecture are present as well, for instance the Quayside Tower, a modern commercial building.

But one of the main attractions nowadays is undoubtedly the Walk of Stars, designed in the same fashion as Hollywood Boulevard. Personalities who have received a star include Ozzy Osbourne and Duran Duran. And Broad Street is not only appreciated by locals and tourists, but by higher authorities as well. Special measures were taken by the council to ensure that the area is always kept at its neatest, and a decision was made for it to be cleaned twice a day. For that reason, in 2007, Birmingham even received the Cleanest City Award from the British Cleaning council.