Night Clubs

As you would expect from a major city, Birmingham has a rampant night life, especially at the weekends, when the streets go wild with people looking for a place to dance away the stress and worries of the past week. There are a multitude of nightclubs, for every possible musical preference, which ply themselves to the need for modern entertainment. Broad Street, in the city centre, is famous for such lively venues. As darkness falls, their doors open and people start poring in by the dozens or even hundreds.

 One of the most famous and frequented nightclubs is the Medicine Bar, located on the premises of the Custard Factory. It’s known for the events it hosts according to musical genres, it’s predilection being for hip hop, funk, techno and acid jazz. The records are handles by talented DJs and some nights also feature live acts. A very popular choice is a nightclub called AIR, situated in Digbeth district, and what makes it stand out is its amazing capacity of 2.000; hence it is classed as a “superclub”. Its position in a clubbing-mad vicinity, quite close to the Custard Factory, makes it very successful and its three music rooms are sometimes full to the brim.

 Tin Tins is also becoming increasingly popular, as it actually started as a gay club and over the years opened its doors to all kinds of clubbers, creating an atmosphere of affability, diversity and acceptance. Years ago, when still on their way to fame, Take That performed there. Other renowned Birmingham nightclubs include the Elbow Room,

The Nightingale Club, Bambu, The Works Nightclub and many others, where you can watch and hear the best DJs in Birmingham in action.        

 Nightclubs remain the most sought-after type of late night recreation, especially for young people, and if you’re ever in Birmingham, the night life is certainly worth experiencing.