Places to see

If you find yourself wandering through Birmingham, a lack of tourist attractions will be the last thing you could complain about. Whatever your leisure pursuit might be, you can be sure to find places in Birmingham that will captivate you and make your trip memorable. If your interests lean towards the cultural area, there is a vast range of venues you can visit, starting with the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, the largest museum in the city, where you can admire an exhaustive display of works belonging to many prominent artists. Other museums worth seeing are the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, Aston Hall, Soho House and Blakesley Hall. Also, there is the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, which is has a double cultural significance, of a concert hall as well as an art gallery, and is also famous for its extensive collection of coins. And if you find that rather tedious and would prefer a more eccentric exhibit, there is the Cadbury World museum, which takes you on a journey of discovering the production of their renowned chocolate.

 Regardless of your religious beliefs, when visiting a major metropolitan area such as Birmingham you shouldn’t miss a few places of worship, which are part of the city’s cultural heritage.  The initial parish church of Birmingham is called St Martin in the Bull Ring; with development came a vast diversity of people and proof of that stands all over the city. Catholics usually worship in St Chad’s or St Philip’s Cathedral, whilst the Orthodox have Dormition of the Mother of God and St Andrew. Signers Hill Synagogue is notable for its historical value, whilst Birmingham Central Mosque is one of the largest in mosques in Europe.

To get a better feeling of the city itself, you should see its old public squares, among them the Centenary Square, Victoria Square and the suggestively named Old Square. For a relaxing day out, there are many parks to choose from, such as Sutton Park, also the largest. If you are passionate about nature, you can visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the Winterbourne Botanic Garden and the National Sea Life Centre.